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My Tiny World

I am blessed to live in an especially lovely community in one of the most beautiful parts of East Tennessee. I can look out most of my windows and see a lovely view. I can walk out my front door and immediately be greeted by mountain and lake vistas. Many of the images I used in my music video were captured either right around my house or within an hour's drive. Amazing sunrises and sunsets are common. And you can't beat the view of a huge full moon rising above the distant mountains and sending slivers of silver light across the lake. One of the things that I especially like is that we still have a fair amount of undeveloped land. We are seeing continued growth in the community, but because of the way things are laid out, there is still a wonderful sense of openness and spaciousness. In addition my world is also home to a wide variety of wild birds and animals. Lately on my evening walks I have come briefly face to face with a fox and there are always deer and ground hogs nearby. Blue herons, red tailed hawks, bald eagles, wild turkeys, blue birds, ducks, geese, and many more are part of my daily environment. I sometimes wish I were a little closer to the city with its abundance of stores and restaurants. But in the last three months of pandemic shutdown, I have developed an even greater appreciation for where I live. It feels comfortable and safe. Most community group activities, of course, have been shut down, but social distancing is pretty easy to do so, and in some ways, life doesn't seem much different from what it has always been. Like other parts of the world and country, things are beginning to open up and return to some level of what we used to think of as "normal." I will be glad when I will be able to get a hair cut and a manicure again for one thing. But for now I have little about which to complain. My "tiny world" is really quite good. The original image from which I created the one I am sharing today was taken at the top of the hill above my house. I took it while standing in a field on a beautiful afternoon with a sky full of white puffy clouds, overlooking the lake with the mountains in the distance.

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