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Mission Accomplished

I have a sore arm, but that is the only way I would know that I had a vaccination yesterday. That is the same side effect I got with the first shot, too, though I think this time it is a little worse this time. While I was prepared to have a stronger reaction since I had heard that that could happen with the second shot. It's nice to have this much behind me. And I hope all the rest of you get your shots soon, too, if you haven't already. Of course, this means no relaxation in mask wearing or social distancing for quite awhile. But it is one small step toward normalcy and perhaps being able to travel again at some point in the months ahead. I especially am thankful to UT Medical Center and my primary care doctor there who, a month ago, decided to open up inoculations for their over 75 patients. I have never before been happy that "age has its privileges." Everything was well organized, and I was in and out, even with the requisite 15 minutes to see if there were any bad reactions, in less than an hour, including parking time. It's another cloudy and dreary day here. Puxatawny Phil, I understand, has seen his shadow. But he would not have seen it here. Does that mean we may have an earlier spring coming than the folks in Pennsylvania? Regardless, having my filled in inoculation card is enough sun for me today.

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