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  • Betty Girardeau

Memories Of More than Christmas

I know it is more than twenty years ago that I journeyed to Germany to attend

Oberammagau and tour other parts of Germany and Austria. Usually when I travel abroad I think about what I would want to bring back as a reminder of that special trip. For this trip I knew I wanted to buy a German Christmas pyramid.I knew we were going to go to the famous Kathe Wohlfart store in Rothenberg, Germany, which is THE store for such purchases. If you ever go to Rothenberg, you really have to visit this amazing store. It is truly a Christmas "candy" store of perfect German wooden creations. And, I have to add, that they are not "cheap," especially the larger ones, like mine. Sometime around 2009 I took my daughter on a Viking River Cruise to the Christmas markets starting in Nuremberg and ending in Prague. Anne really want to buy one of these special carved Christmas decors, too, but her pocketbook wasn't up to the price. She did buy a cute single tiered one, though, and I have promised her that she will get my pyramid someday. I don't put out a lot of Christmas decorations because I don't spend Christmas at home anymore. But my pyramid always is brought out. This year I decided to make it my dinner table centerpiece. And I am glad I did. Believe it or not, I do eat by candlelight sometimes when it is just me dining. And the Christmas season lends itself perfectly to such dining ambiance. I use my Christmas china, too, even if it is just for me to enjoy. What are all these memories that come back to me these days as I dine with my lighted German Christmas pyramid? First, of course, a special summer trip with friends and my sister to attend Oberammagau. Then flash forward a few more years to the river cruise to the Christmas markets with my daughter, another unforgettable trip. But in between there are memories of candlelight daily dinners, something I insisted on doing with my husband for years when it was just the two of us dining. It's interesting how something as seemingly insignificant as a single Christmas decoration can conjure up so many different memories.

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