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Memories of Fall

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

While my son lives in a rather heavily populated area, he is fortunate to have a large wooded area behind his house. Saturday because the late afternoon sun was streaming through and back lighting the remaining foliage I went out and walked the perimeter of the yard taking pictures with my iPhone. Sunday I spent some time with iColorama again, this time actually blending two images together. I haven't done too much of that with this app, as I generally prefer layering and blending images using my regular post processing software. But since I am visiting and don't have the usual demands on my time, I thought I would play around and see what I could come up with. I am relatively pleased with this, and, as usual with this app, it was fun to just play around with it which I seldom do on such a complex level. The image does remind me of my Thanksgiving shared with my son, though, as I especially went for a more dreamy quality to express it as a memory rather than an actuality. My next post should be written from home as I will be on the road today heading back to Tennessee. I am thankful that I could make this trip and to actually have some good memories of a holiday in a pandemic year. Below are the original images I used for this composited one.

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