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  • Betty Girardeau

Memories Are Made Of This

Last night I introduced my granddaughter to the fun of light painting. I am going to let her tell about our evening together in her own words. Hi I am Gabi, my Grandma said that I could help her write her blog today. So I have decided to talk about last night's little adventure, but from my perspective. Last night at around 9:45 we decided to start walking to the place where we wanted to take the photo shoot. It was a short walk from our house. We walked down to a small fountain and set up our camera and cracked the glow sticks. I tried cracking the small thin, ones first but they didn't light up no matter how hard I tried. So I tried cracking the big, fat ones, they lit up and provided a good source of light. The glow stick that worked the best was a big, fat, blue one. that is the one that is shown in this picture. We tried several different techniques to get good pictures. One of the things that we had to deal with was trial and error. This was good because you can never start off perfect. We spent a good thirty minutes taking pictures. One thing that I have learned from this experience is that when you don't like your work there are people out there that probably love your work. I hope I get to have this wonderful experience again. (By the way, we had so much fun that I have already ordered a multi-colored LED glow stick which showed be delivered on Wednesday.)

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