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March Is An Upside Down Month

Last Saturday was the first day of spring and here in East Tennessee it both looked and felt it. In fact, we even had four consecutive days that did. But I am still mostly wearing my winter clothes and sometimes need an extra jacket. I have a friend in Illinois with whom I was talking on Monday, and she said that have snow predicted again for one day this week.

One of my Facebook friends had a cute post the other day about being all ready for Spring, listing essentials everyone should have right now, such as snow boots and flip flops, sun screen and mittens, etc. March is just a really crazy, upside down kind of month. You just can't predict one day to the next, even this late in the month. I usually select what I am going to wear the next day when I am getting ready for bed the night before. These days before doing that I always check the weather predictions so that I won't over or under dress. As I look out the window I see tiny green leaves on some of the trees and bushes, but others still look pretty naked, at least at a distance. The grass in some places is a lovely dark green and, for some, it has even needed its first cutting. In others, where summer grasses have been planted, such as along the golf greens in my community, the look is still winter brown. I can't think of any other month of the year that promises so much, but is often so slow to make good on those promises. After a long winter and this year, after a year-long Covid dominated one, we are all so anxious to be able to get out of our houses and revel in the freedom of the outdoors, maybe even get some time with friends, social distanced still, of course. On Monday I was able to do that. Today, maybe not. Oh, well. I should expect that. It is still March after all. The accompanying image today was created using the Nception app on my iPhone.

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