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"March Comes In Like Lion..."

Yesterday's weather was the promised precursor of typical March weather. It was very, very windy and the sky was often shrouded in grey and threatening clouds with only tiny breaks in them to show blue skies. Yet the temperature was in the 70's. Some of my neighbor's daffodils are beginning to come into their own, though mine, in less sunny areas of my yard, are still just promises of things to come. My early blooming cherry tree, whose buds a few days ago were still tightly covered in their winter protective wear, have begun to pop. There is a definite pink haze on the tree which almost becomes more pronounced every time I look out the window. All of this beckoned me to take my camera outside and see if there was a way to capture the feeling of March "coming in like a lion". The above composite of two images is the result. I wanted to convey a sense of the heavy winds in the almost barren branches, the tempest torn skies, and yet the promise of new life and beauty still to come. I hope that this image does that. It is so nice to be entering pre-spring, warmer and sunnier days and the beauty of foliage and flowers. Our lives are still tempest tossed with this pandemic. But the promise of better days ahead is there, too. Welcome March. May you go out as your should..."like a lamb."

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