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  • Betty Girardeau

Looking West for the Sunrise

This was an entirely different dawn shoot than my Smoky Mountains ones were. This was in the Tetons, and there you don't try to capture dawn shots looking east toward the sunrise, but west to see when the sun first starts to reach the tops of those amazing mountains. But we still had to get up in the cold dark to get there...4:30 AM in about 4 layers of jackets, sweaters, and shirts. It was pre-dawn by the time we got to the site, so we weren't working with flash lights toset up our tripods. But what I do remember how very quiet it was except for the occasional call of an elk. I felt like a pioneer because I had never really heard the country so devoid of an modern sounds before, and it is a memory that made that morning extra special to me beyond the moment when you first see the sunlight striking the mountains in the far distance.

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