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Longer Days

This was the view from my back windows at 6:15 PM on Tuesday evening. I have not enhanced this image to make it look brighter. That is how bright it was because the days actually are getting longer. Yes, I do live in the Eastern Time zone, but it is almost into the Central one so I am more likely to recognize the longevity of the days here than when I was in the middle of North Carolina last week-end. But there it was lighter in the early morning hours. I think/know, because I am generally not a morning person, that I prefer having the longer daylight show itself in the evenings than the mornings. However, wherever you live, surely you, too, have noticed the days are getting longer and maybe even the sun feels a bit warmer whether you are inside our outside. Such days offer so much promise. Even if there will still be days of extreme cold, maybe even snow, or worse, ice, we know because of the angle of the sun and the longer days that spring really is just around the corner. It won't be long.

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