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Lines And Shadows

Sometimes we can find beauty and interest in those things that are always around us and seemingly mundane. Because they are so common to our normal daily lives, shadows can easily be overlooked as something worthy of stopping in your tracks and taking a second look. A couple of days ago as I was driving out of my community late in the afternoon I almost missed seeing the play of the dark shadows on the fenced track leading back to the horse barn. I didn't stop right then. I knew my trip to the store was likely going to be a short one. But I could only hope that the direction of the sun and its position in the sky would not have changed so much by the time I was heading back to the house that I had lost the chance to capture what I thought was a very arresting scene. Thankfully, it hadn't. I think it is such ordinary things that can make particularly interesting images, but ones that can so easily be overlooked if we aren't paying attention to our surroundings. Such simple things, yet things that have so much visual power.

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