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Light As A Feather

A couple of weeks ago when I was walking back to my house from my mailbox I spied several feathers in the grass below my redbud tree. It looked like there had been a bit of a skirmish of some sort. We have a lot of wild animals around our neighborhood and all I could think of was that some bird had met with an unhappy end. Now, before any one of you wants to blame my cats or any other cats that might be in the neighborhood, let me say that there are few cats around at all, and all of them are in-house cats only. Anyway, I picked up two of the little feathers that "spoke" to me and brought them in the house. I have been wanting to try to take pictures of things like fruit, flowers and feathers reflecting on a mirror for quite some time. But with little free time of late, those feathers sat on the bar in my kitchen taunting me to "get with it" and take their pictures. Tuesday I had no census cases and felt a bit lost with nothing to do after being so busy every day for the last several weeks. So yesterday was THE day. You might think that this would be an easy photo shoot. It could be if you knew more than I do or you didn't have a preconceived idea of what you wanted your images to look like as I did. I don't have a dedicated photography studio and make do with simple things from craft and hardware stores for this sort of thing, though, thankfully, I do have some awesome photography lights that my son gave me for Christmas several years ago. I don't know how many images I shot, but it was a lot. And there were quite a few that, perhaps with some judicious cropping and post processing might be close to what I was trying to achieve. They say that a photographer should be happy if he/she gets one or two good images out of a photo shoot. I guess I should be happy. I did get two, and this is one of them. I am determined to perfect this reflected image concept. I think I need to do some research before attempting this sort of thing again. But for now, I guess I should be happy to have two out of maybe forty odd that came close.

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