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Let There Be Light

For nearly half of this year we and the rest of the world have been gripped to one degree or another by the spread of a new and deadly virus. Our world became, in effect, "darkened" by sickness, death, widespread unemployment, isolation from friends and family, and fear. Recently, as some countries, states, and cities were beginning the process of opening up again, it seemed like there might be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. But a week ago because of the unnecessary death of George Floyd by a police officer that light seems to have been dimmed considerably if not extinguished. While not condoning the actions of rioters, I do understand their anger and frustration. I applaud those who are trying to make their voices of protest heard through non-violent means. And I am outraged by those in leadership positions who believe that the best way to combat violence is with more violence. And worse, I am disgusted by the President who had strong-arm tactics used to clear the way for him to have a photo op in front of a church while holding a Bible. The darkness is deepening. Somehow, some way we have to find the light again. Our land isn't just physically sick as the result of a virus, it is emotionally sick as well. We have to seek ways to promote healing and unity and we need to support those who are already looking for and finding ways to do this.

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