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  • Betty Girardeau


Recently I was with friends who seem to enjoy my Facebook postings, especially those that have to do with whatever I have prepared for myself to eat. They were complaining that I had not posted any recent pictures. Well, first I must admit to having spent several months this past year trying out, and originally enjoying, meals from Hello Fresh. At the time, with notary work being relatively busy, which is most certainly isn't now, Hello Fresh looked like a good option for my busy schedule. I still planned and prepared a dinner or two during the week, too, but nothing that I wanted to think about sharing with my friends. For a variety of reasons, I decided to end my Hello Fresh subscription a few months ago, and I am enjoying being back in my old routine of planning menus for myself. Sometimes my dinners consist of leftovers, usually just a reprise of the night before. But occasionally, like tonight, I had to become creative with them. I grew up with a Mother who insisted that I clean up my plate because of "starving children in China," though I am quite sure that China was and is not the only place where children are starving. This ethic has stuck with me into my adult years, and now I just have real angst about not eating everything that I had planned and prepared. Tonight's dinner is probably the greatest example. Earlier in the week I planned for two nights of "Smoky Crusted Pork Chops." The package of pork chops included three chops, not two. "Oh, well," I thought, "I can surely do three nights of them." No, I couldn't. Two was all. But I couldn't throw out that last chop either. Monday I prepared and served a roasted cauliflower soup for my Bunco friends for our annual Christmas luncheon. I brought home enough for me to enjoy for two more meals. Tonight, as I got ready to heat up the last of the soup, I noticed the plate containing the last pork chop. Wonder what would happen if I cut that chop into bits and added it and a bit more stock to the leftover soup?? Well, it was really very, very tasty. My Mother would have been proud of me because I was not going to waste either the soup or the pork chop. Over the years I have found leftovers to be meals that saved me, my budget, and, probably what I would dream would be my Mother's ire about wasting good food. As a single, the challenge has become greater (like that third chop I had not planned on having to deal with this last week). Tonight's really good and healthy dinner is proof positive that leftovers can be a real blessing as well as an opportunity to think outside of the box and creatively with leftovers. Bon Appetit.

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