• Betty Girardeau

Keeping Company

I don't ever want to have to live alone. Even in college when I could not have a four footed companion, I did have a live plant. But, oh, my! There's nothing like having a pet, or pets. My day starts and ends with them letting me know that they care about me and our relationship as much as I do mine with them. Sully, the cat on the left, has to "help" me make the bed every morning. Of course, his idea of helping is to roll and tumble all over the bedspread as I try to smooth things out. Boo, the black "blob" on the right, believes that it is important that she recognizes my wakeful times in the middle of the night and that she is there watching over me and telling me, as a night watchman might do, that it is three o'clock, and all is well. Frequently, they are about and around while I fix and eat breakfast, too, working off their last bit of pent up energy so that they can spend most of the rest of the day resting, so that in the evening and at certain times in the middle of the night they can romp and race around the house and play with their toys. I typically don't see too much of them during the day. But before 4:00 PM, Boo starts to remind me that her wet cat food snack time is approaching and she wants to make sure I am not going to forget. I seldom do, but frequently have to remind her that it is either too soon, or that I am busy finishing up something else and she will have to be patient. That's when she will curl up in the chair in the office, as she is here, and snooze a bit more, but being ever alert to any movement from me that I might be about to head toward the kitchen. This picture is a bit of a rarity for that time of day because, while Sully does enjoy snacking, too, he usually waits somewhere else in the house, keeping an ear out for things happening in the kitchen. But he loves to spend time in the office with me, too, frequently sprawled across the back of that chair keeping an eye on me and, even more so, on what may be happening outside the window. In the warmer months he is especially entertained by the little lizards that live in the area around the front of the house and like to skitter around on the porch. If one or both cats are in the room with me, I don't need to keep and eye out for a UPS delivery, because they will do that for me, letting me know of the imminent arrival of a box by running off to hide somewhere they consider safer than anywhere near the front door. I am particularly thankful to have both of them around so that I have something with which to carry on a conversation other than an empty room, which might otherwise indicate that I am "losing it." But above all else, I am so glad to have warm beings to share my home and my love and who both let me know that they love me, too.

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