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  • Betty Girardeau

It Was Supposed to Be For Yesterday

I have been studying the work of a fabulous flower photographer from Belgium named Dirk Ercken. While I haven't yet signed up for his on-line flower photography tutorial, I am considering it because I love the ethereal looks that he gets with his images. Granted, he uses a "big boy" camera for his work. But this one taken with my iPhone 12pro isn't too far off, though I wish I could have had a better background. My idea for this image, though, was to make the bloom look like it is floating, and I think I did accomplish that. This is the image that I had planned to share with you all yesterday when I discovered the insect coming in for a landing on a daisy one that I had also taken. That one still blows my mind because of the strong detail of something I did not even know was going to be in the picture at all. Well, a day late for this one. Enjoy.

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