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It's Not what it seems

When I started being really interested in photography I considered myself a nature/landscape photographer. I still love that side of photography. But the more time I spent with my camera, the more I started seeing the world around me in different ways. The more I wanted to capture an image that was not particularly obvious. I can see a pond from my kitchen, and it has been the subject of many, many pictures. But this one is the one that started me looking at the world in abstract terms. You see it here upside down. I loved the lighting and reflections of the trees, sky, and grass around the pond. When I showed it to my husband, he said it would be a much more interesting picture upside down. And I think so, too. It has a painterly quality that I really like. It is really fun to find other new and different ways to capture an image that is not what it seems to the casual viewer. I will always love taking good "traditional" pictures of places, people, and flora and fauna, but I get really excited about creating abstract and quirky ones. I think such images can sometimes raise photography into the realm of a special kind of art form.

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