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It's Easter Monday

When my sister was looking through the family photo album on Saturday evening looking for the picture that I used for my Easter blog post, she sent me two other Easter ones that she had found. I just knew I had to share this one with you all, too, as I thought it was really amusing and so the "me" that I remembered at that age. I am pretty sure that this was Easter 1946. You will notice that my Dad did get my sister a corsage that Easter. I guess he figured I was too young to appreciate one. And, from the looks of things, it doesn't appear that I am much upset about it...or am I? It does look like I have something that I want to say. And it also looks like my sister is feeling the need to keep me still long enough for the picture to be taken. I remember that when I was that age my Dad nicknamed me "Bizzy," because I was always running, moving around...and talking! I remember asking him why he called me that, and he said it was because I "was as bizzy (busy) as a bee." I do remember running around a lot, usually having skinned knees, and one spring, perhaps this one, I stumbled and fell on the sidewalk in front of our house before the walks had been cleared of the cinders that were used during the winter to keep the walks less slippery. Even after washing my hands off well, apparently not all the cinders were removed from my right hand, and several weeks later it became very infected, to the point that I could not even use it and had to be hand fed for awhile. I also had to soak it in Epsom salts several times a day. That injury kept me slowed down for awhile. But I remember vividly finally being able to do things for myself again as well as being allowed to run about and play as usual. I also remember this Easter outfit. It was a light blue three piece wool "ensemble." I loved all the buttons. And I especially loved the vest which, as I recall, I referred to as my "best."

So many memories associated with a single old picture. BTW, as a photographer, I can't help but notice that my Dad had me in better focus in this picture than he had my sister. I am sure that was not intentional. I remember that camera well, too. I am pretty sure it was the camera in this link, a Kodak Vigilant.

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