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It Fell And I Caught It With My Phone

I am now the happy owner of a brand new iPhone12pro. I haven't had a new iPhone in six years. So yesterday afternoon was pretty much spent getting things transferred from the old phone to the new one and then trying to get acquainted with all the things that are a bit different. Not the least of these was just turning it on. There is no home button. And rather than recognizing my thumb print, it is now facial recognition. Now I also have three different camera lenses to play with. Of course, I had to go out and try all of them out, too. Thankfully, right now there are lots of potential photo subjects. One of my neighbors has this gorgeous maple tree that is turning the most beautiful shade of red/burgundy. The leaves are falling in a leisurely fashion dropping here and there on his lawn rather than creating a carpet. It was a great opportunity to try out the telephoto lens. I am pleased with the ultra-wide angle lens, too. I haven't checked to see how the night mode works with the addition of the much-touted LIDAR. I think that "real" cameras will always be part of my life. But I am very sure that I am going to enjoy all the camera features on my new phone. The thing that I liked the most with my camera trials yesterday was the ability to take nearly fifty photos and still have plenty of battery life. That has been a real issue with my old phone of late. So far I am pleased. I can remember when cell phones first came out thinking that I would probably never get one because who wants to always be a slave to a phone. Well, they got smarter, and so did I.

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