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Is The Path Well Lighted?

I am late getting a blog written today. It seems to be "that" kind of day. I had a signing this morning with a gentleman applying for a home equity loan on a house that he has no other mortgage on. So he had invited a "knowledgable" friend over to make sure about what he should sign. This created some unexpected delays and a feeling, at times, that he wasn't going to sign the application papers at all. But, in the end, he did. Off I went to drop the signed documents at the FedEx access point. I was told there to come back in an hour because they had just been affected by a power surge and their computers weren't up and running. While waiting at home, I thought I would look through some earlier iPhoto files that I had saved to an external hard drive to see if I could find a blog photo for today. I did, only to find that, while I could see all the saved files, that was all I could do with them. I could not edit, copy, share, nothing but look. Anything I tried to do with them would come up with error messages. Some of these pictures have since been deleted from my computer in order to free up storage space, so they only exist on the external hard drive now. I am pretty sure that when I copied them originally, I faithfully followed all the directions. Thank goodness some of those were camera duplicates, well-saved elsewhere. And I also feel fairly sure that some techie somewhere can find a way for me to get usable files off of the external hard drive because I know there has to be substance to those thumbnails, the saved file is well over 3gb. So I am not feeling "overly" upset. I am just frustrated because I kept trying to find ways and means on my own to find out why and fix them. I DON'T like things not to work! And when they don't, I badly want to be able to fix the problem. All of this has been said in an effort to answer the blog question of the day. And the answer is, "No" or "Not exactly." In the grand scheme of things, it's not the worst than can happen. For that reason, I can say that there is some light on the path. Regardless, I will move forward, and, in the end, probably a lot wiser, too.

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