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In And Out Of Focus

Yes, I have another new photo toy. This one is a set of different lenses that I can use with my iPhone for things like macro, fish eye, and telescopic photography as well as some pretty cool filters for things like creating kaleidoscopic looks with images. I look forward to more opportunities as the weather moderates and the days get longer to try these all out. This image was taken using the macro lens. One thing I found is that using an iPhone for such shots is definitely not like taking macro shots with a big girl camera. I am also not sure the lens it working correctly since the "glass" itself fell out of the housing before I could even use it. I did get it pushed back in, but I don't think it is straight in as it should be, which may account for the in and out look of the focus for this shot. But in this case, I kind of liked the interesting result. This is a macro shot of the top of one section of my English lavender plant. We had snow and rain earlier, and I wanted to capture the moisture on the, I guess you would call them, fronds. While definitely not an award winning macro shot, I think it does tell a story about life. For example hardly ever is any part of our life totally in focus. There are things in our immediate experiences that most certainly are. Other things are almost "somethings" on which we can focus, but not quite. And yet others are mere fuzzy out of focus possibilities. Will we ever know what they are, or will they always be suggestions of what might have been or could be? I look at this image and so very much wish all of it had been sharp and focused. Could I have done this or that to make that happen? Could there be something over which I have no control that keeps that from happening (aka. the lens glass having fallen out of the ring housing and maybe not actually being back in place as it should be)? That's life, though, isn't it?

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