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  • Betty Girardeau

I Wish I Were a Painter Sometimes

I have always been attracted to fine art. I still remember the name of the painter whose works really first caught my eye sometime in middle school, George Inness. He was a member of the Hudson Valley School of painters. His landscapes all have a moody quality to them and they always feature beautiful renditions of skies and trees. I have tried my hand at painting and never was particularly thrilled with the results. I think I don't have the patience for it, never mind the lack of talent in that area. I suppose that is one reason why I have fallen in love with photography and embrace software and methods that make it possible to create a bit of art with the camera, doing what my hands holding a brush can't do. When I look over my portfolio of favorite images I see that the style of the works of painters like Inness, Monet, and other impressionists are the ones that I tend to favor with some of my own work. I wonder what it is about our make-up and personalities that draw us to a certain artistic style? I can appreciate some of the work of more modern, graphic style artists. But when I visit an art gallery, I am always drawn first to realism and impressionism. When I am judging the work of other photographers I also find that I have a bias towards ones that have more moody and dreamy qualities to them. The image with this post I created yesterday using iColorama with one of the pictures I took last week of the fading hydrangeas. Since I know I will never be able to create real paintings of the visions I carry around in my head, I am thankful that I can come close by using a camera, a bit of post processing, and some apps.

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