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I'm Back!

I'm sorry that I have not been able to post for the last couple of days. Apparently my five hours plus outside, and in windy conditions, last Wednesday gave my body an overload of pollen. Typically this time of year I feel a little seasonal allergy symptoms, though pretty mild ones. But this time I got the sore throat from hell along with the usual other symptoms, just magnified. I am sure that you wonder how I can be so sure that pollen and not the Covid-19 virus is the culprit. Well, I am not 100% sure, but I am at least 98% sure as most of my symptoms never matched those for the virus and other than a really horrible day on Monday, I have been feeling better and better. I haven't gone anywhere but the grocery store, nearly 2 weeks ago, and the nursery to pick up my flat of marigolds. At the nursery I was the only customer with the two ladies that work there, and the only time we were together was outside and considerably more than the required distancing. Also I wear my mask everywhere I go. The scratchy throat started the day after I was outside so long. I can easily keep the rest of the symptoms in check by taking allergy meds, too, which would not work with The virus. I have promised my friends that I will call my doctor and tell her about this, but I expect she may agree with my diagnoses. Suffice it to say, I just did not feel like writing anything yesterday or Monday. My "Happy Picture" plan for this week had originally been more flowers, this time flowering trees. But I think I will leave that theme for next week, and this week I will just share a few of my favorites that have won awards in various Photocrowd contests. Over the last several years I have entered 482 pictures and received 311 awards. I don't have any real trophies or prizes, but I have been favored with several awards from people who are real photography judges and not just peers. This is my latest awarded image with a Judge Commendation also attached. It was entered in a contest entitled "Intentionally Blurred Trees." What you are seeing is actually a reflection of the trees in the pond behind my house that was way more interesting when I turned it upside down. This was taken in April of 2015. Well, I hope you missed me and are glad I am back writing and posting again.

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