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I Have Seen The Light

I try not to use the same picture more than once for these blogs, but today I really felt the need to do so. I did practice what I preached in yesterday's blog and I did go out and become pro-active about taking care of myself. However, the results of doing so were not where I thought they would come from. I did go to my county health department yesterday to try to get an appointment for the vaccine. I was told that I needed to call the East Tennessee hot line, and they gave me the number. I knew that it was nearly impossible to get through as there are so many calls going to that number. But I have learned over the years that when this is the case you keep your phone handy and keep calling the number every few minutes. It did take me an hour before I had someone really answer my call, at which point I was able to get on the waiting list to be contacted to set up an appointment when more vaccine was available in my county. OK. I gave the information they needed to put me in that queue and felt pretty good. Mission accomplished...sort of. I then settled down at my desk to put out more feelers for getting more work as a signing agent. I was in the midst of a call for that on my cell phone, when I got a call on my home phone from my doctor's office. They left me a message to call back. My doctor's practice is a concierge one, and I pay quarterly to just continue to be her patient, knowing that by doing so, she will be there for me when I do need her. But, thankfully, my visits have tended to be just for my yearly physical, and that was last September. I had just paid my quarterly "dues," so I was thinking that there might have been something wrong with my payment. No!! I was being called because I was one of her over 75 patients, and they wanted to know if I wanted to come in and get my first Covid-19 shot next week. Well, of course, I did. So I now have an appointment for next Monday afternoon for shot #1 and three weeks later, same date, same time, same place for #2. Yay!! I really do feel like I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel getting much closer. And I am now feeling like I can begin to to think about broadening my life again soon and plan for better days ahead, maybe getting to visit my daughter in California or even getting back to France again in 2021. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with how Tennessee is rolling out this vaccine, too. I have other friends that have either just gotten their first shot or who are also expecting to get it the first of next week. My sister in Virginia, who is eight years older than I, still has no real idea when she can expect to get hers or even how that will happen. By the way, I also practiced my third suggestion of how to get out of the fog. I prayed.

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