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  • Betty Girardeau

I Have Lost Count

I have lost count of how many dark, gloomy, and rainy days we have had in recent weeks. The sun did peak out briefly yesterday, but not long enough for my liking. On top of all this is the time change to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday. I really don't like the way we humans manipulate time. Why can't we just have either Standard or Daylight Saving and leave it at that? My cats are even confused by all of this. I usually give my kitties a little treat of canned cat food every day about 4:00 PM. They know that time well, and, usually Boo, will come and start to nag me. The spring time change is not as bad, but I can tell they are confused because they "assume" I am doing everything from getting up in the morning to when I eat dinner earlier at what to them seems like the wrong times. But in the fall when things get turned around the other way, this nagging is down right irritating because for days afterward it starts much earlier and lasts for hours until it really is 4:00 PM. I will admit that Boo has learned what "too soon" means, however that does not decrease the number of times she comes and tries to urge me to move toward the kitchen and suggesting that I have somehow forgotten her needs and wants. Every spring when this transition is made I can't help but remember the year that my husband, who frequently exhibited what can only be called a "sick sense of humor," moved the clocks ahead another hour after I had already done so. I had a church job at the time so I had to be sure to get up at the right time on Sunday. The first morning after the spring time change it is pretty dark still at 7:00 AM, so I took no special notice that it was really, really dark when I got up. Not being a morning person anyway, I stumbled around in that dark, got dressed, ate breakfast and went out to get in my car. In those days the clocks in the car had to be manually adjusted for the time change, and, thankfully, my husband had not thought to alter that one. So it was only when I turned on the ignition that I noticed that the real time was tow hours different from what it had been in the house. No wonder it was still so dark! Of course, by that time I was fully awake and there was no going back to bed to get a few more winks. To say I was irritated is putting it mildly. This last Sunday the bell choir group I am in had to play for the church services, so I had to be up earlier than usual that Sunday, too. All of our group commented about this. We usually play the second Sunday of each month, and the spring time change is typically the second Sunday in March. Next year we want to suggest that for March at least we play on the third Sunday instead. That would be great. But I would rather that we have no time change at all. Let's just keep Daylight Saving or Standard Time permanent. I created a bright, sunny looking flower bubble for today to try to offset the outside rainy gloom. But maybe the real sun is shining in your world today. Lucky you if it is.

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