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  • Betty Girardeau

I Had a Dream

Years ago I had a dream which has remained vividly in my mind ever since. In my dream I was "older" (I hate to think of myself as actually being OLD, even in a dream). I was very hungry. I was standing at my counter trying desperately to open a can or a jar so that I could remove the contents and get something to eat. But no matter how hard I tried, all the safety packaging features were making it impossible. I don't recall that any of the failings were due to lack of strength or arthritic fingers. In fact, I don't think they were. But all the governmentally approved anti-tampering packaging was working to perfection. There was no way for me to open that can or jar. And in my dream, everything that I had in my pantry and refrigerator was so packaged. It was then that I realized that I was likely going to starve to death! Last night I thought my dream was coming true. Try as I might, I just could not get the lid of this apple sauce jar to loosen and turn. Note how "chewed up" the plastic is along the top of the lid from repeated attempts using the black jar opener, which usually does the trick. Even after cutting the little plastic connecters between the lid and its lower portion that usually snap and break when you first try to open the jar, the top of the lid would not budge. By this time I was pretty irritated, and decided I didn't want any apple sauce after all. But I don't like to be defeated by things. So today I went out to the garage and grabbed the biggest mouthed wrench in the tool cabinet. Thankfully, the jar is plastic because I had to lay it on it's side in order to get the right angle to turn the wrench. But it worked! Nevertheless, I really do have to wonder about whether or not packaging has gone a bit over board in trying to keep us "safe," especially us "older" folks. At least for now, I am not going to starve to death.

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