• Betty Girardeau


Times have changed. What happened? Technology. And my grandchildren are no different from most of us with their love of it. My grandson is practically physically attached to his iPad for the majority of his entertainment, though he does love Legos. My granddaughter has a broader spectrum of interests. She also loves Legos. She can create all kinds of interesting and creative things using just cardboard and package tape and uses her imagination for all kinds of things. But the day before Christmas I had her "hooked" for awhile playing a game that was part of the fun things in my Jacquie Lawson 2020 advent calendar. They both were completely oblivious to most anything else going on around them at the time. Many of us "older" people think it is terrible that this younger generation is so addicted. But how about us? As I was packing for my trip to North Carolina for Christmas, I made sure that I had my iPad, my laptop, and my cell phone with me. To forget even one of these devices or a means to recharge them would have been something akin to a disaster, worse than forgetting my toothbrush! After all, I can easily go to the store and buy a replacement toothbrush. But the thought of having to get through a day without my tech devices is a disturbing one. Recently at home my internet connection went bad, and I had to "survive" for a week with no computer and no TV because I stream all of that. I was thankful that my cell phone would still operate without an internet connection and I had already downloaded a book to my iPad. Otherwise, I would have gone through "internet withdrawal." Being able to connect with family and friends this year thanks to social media and things like Zoom has saved me and many of us "older folks" from feeling completely isolated. I have been able to take a lot of on-line photography courses and learn lots of new things. I have connected with and made new friends. So, at least for me, I can't fault this younger generation for what seems to be their dependence on technology to entertain and make them happy. I am no better than they are.

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