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Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Today seemed to start quite nicely. It was another beautiful, sunny, low humidity day. I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Then I thought I would download the pictures that I took yesterday to a catalogue on my external hard drive using my On1Raw2020 application. I waked up my computer only to find a message saying that my computer had had to be shut down during the night because of some kind of error associated with it's sleep setting. OK. That doesn't "seem" too bad. So I put in my password and then tried to open my PhotoRaw app. The icon just bounced around and would not open. Some other things were also acting a bit quirky. So on my phone I looked up what to do when something like this happens and followed through with the procedure. Hooray the app opened, but it didn't look or act right. I tried editing the picture I had planned to use for today's blog picture. It was one from may computer photos library. When I finished the edits and clicked on done nothing would happen and I couldn't close the app either. During all of this I did reboot the computer several times. Finally, I said "Enough of this!" to myself, and packed up my laptop and accessories and headed down the street to my friend's where I have been tapping into her internet while mine is still not functioning. When I came in the house, I noticed something on the floor of the laundry room that needed to be cleaned up, a small piece of a dry leaf, and grabbed the hand vac. But it wouldn't turn on. The battery was dead, though it had been plugged in to recharge. I checked to make sure the power was on in the house, and it was. Plugging the vac into a different outlet didn't help either; the charging light would blink a few times and then stop. Obviously something wrong with the recharger. So much for that. So I fed the cat her "happy meal," and decided to go plug in my laptop and hope for the best. Miracle of miracles, everything seems to be perfectly fine. So what could have been going on when it was at my house? No Internet Connection!! I think my computer tried to do an overnight update, which is does periodically, and that failed because of no connection. This caused the sleep mode to not kick in as it should. I suppose that I should have connected the dots sooner and realized that the lack of internet was the root of the problem, but since non-internet functions seemed to work fine, I didn't. They say things go in threes, and I surely hope that is not true today. I can't fix the hand vac issue, but the computer one seems to have resolved with a simple connection to the outside world. At any rate, I feel a bit like the picture above and just want these frustrations to STOP! The good news is that I still have half a day left to enjoy. And I really enjoyed yesterday when I escaped to the little Victorian town of Rugby, TN. I will share more about it in the coming days. I hope your day got a better start than mine.

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