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Going In Circles

Do you ever have times when you feel like you are just going in circles? I do. There have been times this week when I have especially felt like that. All of this has been because of little tech glitches with things like my iPhone and my computer. On Monday evening I had a last minute signing for a refinance loan. The escrow company in this case was very slow getting the documents to me. In fact, I was on the verge of contacting them and telling them I would not do the signing because they had not given me adequate time to check the documents beforehand, when I got not one, but two emails with the documents. I didn't notice the second email until I was about ready to go out the door, though looking at the time it was sent, it came in shortly after the first one, during which time I was busy printing out the docs from the first email. I quickly checked to make sure the documents and the mailing label for return were the same. They were. So off I went to do the signing. I didn't need to drop them for UPS pick up until Tuesday morning. After getting home I took a better look at the second email that had come in with those documents and noticed that the instructions included with those were entirely different from the ones in the first email and included one thing the signer needed to fill in that I had never seen asked on an Occupancy Affidavit, and, of course, because it was way up in the body of the document, we missed filling out. I immediately contacted the escrow contact I had and asked what I should do. I heard nothing from them until yesterday, more than twenty-four hours after sending the documents back. Yes, they really needed that information and I needed to go back and have the signer resign that affidavit and fill in the missing information. That went just fine and, thankfully, the signer was very nice about it. I didn't need to ship that back to escrow. I just needed to come home and scan that document and email it back to them. But when I was ready to send the email with the scanned attachment, my computer started sending me strange messages about being nearly out of space and then froze entirely. I had to turn it off and reboot it. I was able to get the email with attachment mailed after that reboot, but then the computer froze again, in fact several times after several reboots. I used my iPhone to try to figure out a fix for the freezing issues, and did come up with a solution that worked. But in that process discovered that my external back-up was almost filled up and I needed to delete some of those old files from several years ago to free up space. I have done that before, and didn't consider that would be an issue. I went to watch TV and then go to bed, letting the computer delete the selected old files. On Tuesday I had a signing during which I used my phone to scan the signers' IDs and copies of both of the documents that they had had to sign. I was supposed to send them back to the escrow company right after the signing so they would have them even before the overnight UPS delivery of the documents. I checked to make sure they had been saved before I left the signers' house. They were. I checked again right after getting into my car because I considered emailing them from my phone. But since I was pretty close to home, I thought I would just wait and do it at home after I dropped off the documents for FedEx pick-up. But when I got home they were gone!!! No sign of them anywhere on my phone, not even in the recently deleted file, which is where they would have gone had I accidentally deleted them. Nothing else was missing, just those scans. I contacted my agency about this, saying I would be happy to go back to the signers to redo everything. Thankfully, they said it wasn't a problem since the documents would arrive the next day. While trying to see if other people had had scans disappear from the the notes on their phones, I discovered that this problem was not unique to me, but it was a bug that still needs to be addressed by Apple, and there is no way to recover the scans that have disappeared that way. All of this brings me to this morning and preparing to select an image to go with this blog. That's when I discovered the photo library on my computer was messed up and I could not export any pictures from it. I still have my old laptop, and the picture I wanted to use would be in that photo library. I would just go find it there and then email it to me on this computer. Guess what? That photo library had the same problem. Obviously it was a greater Apple problem and not just my computers'. I looked up to see if there were others who had ever had such a problem and there were, and there was a fix for it. Thankfully, it was an easy one, too. I still need to go through that process on my back-up computer, though. Well, they say things come in threes. And I have had three. Hopefully my week will now settle out and I can stop going in technical circles and have things smooth out for awhile. This has been enough.

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