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Glorious Morn

Happy Easter. Today I finish my week of Happy Pictures of sunrises. As I said at the beginning, I think sunrise images are very appropriate for this time of the year and our current pandemic status. I have been distressed and saddened to read in the news of some church leaders who have insisted that they open their churches to worshippers today because they believe that getting together in a crowded church is the only way we should be celebrating. I question their motivesand reasoning. For me a brick and mortar church (synagogue or mosque, etc) is no more than a symbol of the creator that we worship. A religious leader should be acting more like a shepherd whose prime task is to love and care for his/her flock. Having started out as a landscape photographer who has kind of morphed into a photographer of all things I have come to the conclusion that the greatest cathedrals cannot compete with our creator's own "cathedral," this world and the beauty and life lessons that are all around us. This Easter dawn in my part of East Tennessee was somber with only a hint in the sky of the coming day. Rain and storms are predicted. It's going to be a gloomy least for us humans. But I can already tell the grass is greener and the plants in the yard are perkier. So, while there was no glorious sunrise today, I have my collection of sunrise pictures that I can browse, as I have this week, and be reminded of our maker's daily promise of a new day that has been given to me to make the most out of. I call today's image "Glorious Morn." It was captured from the top of a hill not far from my home. Blessings today.

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