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For the Birds

One of the things that I really miss now that I am using my husband's old upstairs office is the view I used to have from my old office/workspace of the bird feeders that are just off the edge of the downstairs patio. Four years ago when I was having to use that space exclusively for both my computer and sewing work, one of the benefits was being able to set up my camera at the glass door and be ready to catch images of the birds coming to the feeder. Since the area below my house is a community wildlife preserve, it is populated by all kinds of birds and animals. And in the winter the birds sometimes come in droves. Today I oversaw another real estate loan application signing. This couple has a perfect set-up for watching and enjoying the birds just outside the large picture window where they have their kitchen table. I was reminded again about how much I miss seeing the birds and getting to take photos of them. I need to do something about this. Should I get a new feeder(s) and set them up in my front yard where I can hopefully entice my winged friends to come visit and enjoy my offerings? Feeders are messy things, as birds are not exactly neat eaters. Do I want to have to contend with sprouting seeds of several varieties in my front yard come spring. Will the birds come to a feeder in the front of my house where there is a fair amount of road activity that could frighten them away and they can't easily escape to the safety of the wooded pond area below my house that they call home? I don't know. But I think I need to try and see how it goes because I miss them.

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