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Foggy Fall Mornings

One of my favorite things to photograph are fall mornings with dense fog. In fact, such mornings, along with special sunrises, are ones that make me want to get up and out early. Fog is just plain magical. And in the fall, after most of the leaves have fallen, fog offers a unique opportunity to capture wonderful silhouettes of trees, such as this one. There can be no lolly-gagging if you want to take pictures using fog as a backdrop. As a rule it doesn't last long. But as it begins to dissipate, you can also sometimes get some awesome shots of the sun burning through the fog. If you are around lakes and ponds, you can sometimes capture shots of steam rising from the water because the air is cooler than that of the summer warmed water. While this image is in black and white, another wonderful thing this time of year when there is a lot of color in the foliage is to be able to capture the combination of the vibrant colors amidst the softness of the fog. We have started to have a few foggy mornings lately, but the colors aren't ready yet. Also the mornings have been warming up rather quickly, burning off the fog before much can be captured. But I'm looking forward to more of these mornings soon, especially since I haven't had much time lately to go out and work with my camera. I have missed being able to do it, too.

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