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  • Betty Girardeau

Finding Your Groove

If we are seekers in life, then we are likely to find a lot of our time is spent finding our groove. Just as these blooms from my gorgeous redbud tree found theirs for a time after the recent week-end storms, our grooves will change as the winds and weathers of our lives change. But those grooves are so important. They give us much needed resting places in our lives. Sometimes we can remain in our groove for extended times. But eventually, the vicissitudes of life will push or, sometimes even, blow us out of the groove that has become comfortable and cozy. Then we need to find a new groove. I really love the message that I see in this image. There is a definite path that has attracted these petals, often in groups, less often singularly. The grouped petals have found comfort in the closeness of one another. And, if you look at the singular trails of petals, they appear to seek that closeness and camaraderie, too. What is the direction of this groove? Who knows? It looks like it has no beginning, middle or end. But there are petals on either side of the groove. Are the ones on the left (that's the side from which the wind blows in my driveway) seeking to find a welcoming groove? How about the ones on the right? Have they been blown out of their comfort zone now to find a new groove? Or have they decided on their own that it is time to move on and find a new place to find themselves amidst comfort and new fellows. These are likely unsure of their new path but are hoping for something better and more fulfilling than their last groove. I am currently reading David McCullough's wonderful book "The Pioneers." I haven't gotten too far into it, just to where pioneers are coming in and peopling the Northwest Territory. I have been impressed by how many of the earliest of those pioneers were so well educated, Harvard and Yale graduates, who, along with their wives, often from privileged families themselves, heard the call to find a new groove and went west. History is replete with the famous names of those who have sought a new resting place, sometimes for an extended time, sometimes less so. But in each instance these people knew that to stay in the old groove was not where they should be. I think we should always be finding our grooves, and that we should never consider that groove to be forever until we must. When the winds of life toss us about, we can always find a new groove. And when we do, make the most of it while we can.

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