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  • Betty Girardeau

Farm To Table in Tennessee

Well, it didn't actually come from a farm. But a lot of the ingredients for this meal did originate in my garden. Yesterday I finally made my Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce using both tomatoes, basil, and oregano that I had grown. The marinated cucumbers for the salad came from my little garden, too. There is something very life affirming in growing and nurturing things to the point that they can give back to you in the form of nourishment for your body. Every day I spend a bit of time watering and maintaining my little vegetable-herb garden, counting how many new cucumbers are developing and picking off ripened tomatoes. Now that my "crop" is finally maturing, there have been few days that I haven't had something to eat from it. I can see my garden from windows in my kitchen, dining room and living room and it makes me happy to see how "happy" my plants are, too. Like all "farmers," I have had my moments of fear when weather seemed to threaten my plants, the tomatoes in particular. Being a neophyte vegetable gardener I had had no idea how tall my tomatoes would get or how heavy the fruit would become as it matured, pulling the stems down. When we have rain storms here the wind can become very strong. I have come close to losing major portions of my tomatoes to strong winds before up a way to support them. After reading an article on the benefits of pruning cucumbers, I was a little too aggressive with the pruning, resulting in the loss of quite a few possible cucumbers. And my herbs and peppers would benefit from not having quite so much competition from the tomatoes. It's all a learning curve. I am glad that I am still not too old to try to do something I have never done before. It's even nicer that I have been moderately successful.

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