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Everyday You Should Try To Learn Something New

(Since I posted this this morning, I have gone back and re-edited this image with new and better knowledge as to how to make it look better on the edges.) As I was thinking about what picture to share with you today I was scrolling through all the new daylily pictures I have taken in the last couple of days. They are really putting on a show right now. I remembered that many of you have enjoyed the flower bubbles that I have created in the past and I didn't have one of a daylily. When the app creates the bubble, it uses a predominate color that is in the original to be the background color. Sometimes I have liked that color, but lots of times I have wished that I knew how to easily change it. That is one skill I had never mastered. So today I thought it was high time I started to do so using the new post processing software I got over the week-end. I have developed a real appreciation for all the tutorials you can find on-line for everything from rebuilding the engine of an old truck (No, I am not doing that, but my younger son has been.) to changing the background color in an image using a particular app or software. But it does take "kissing a few frogs" before finding the one that really takes you to "Prince Charming" and the directions shown and presented that best work. There is another downside to going to the internet for information and uTube tutorials. It is so easy to notice on the right side of the screen little thumbnails and descriptions of others that you might find interesting as well. It is so easy to click on on of them and watch it, too. Of course, that opens a whole new list of thumbnails on the right of yet others. Down the rabbit hole you can go and a whole morning, afternoon, or day that you had planned for other things is gone. Now, I don't think this is necessarily all bad, especially if you are still trying to live a socially distanced life at home and because you will probably learn something new that you didn't expect to learn. Today isn't one of those days that I could afford to spend more time being tempted. I will admit that the image above still needs some refinement, and I will go back and learn how to do a better job of selecting the object that I want alter, but I have to hurry. I have signed up for a compositing webinar that starts in less than a half an hour. More new things to learn today. What something new are you going to make sure that you learn?

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