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  • Betty Girardeau

Every Day Really Is Different

After a year more or less defined by Covid restrictions, it can be hard to realize this. I certainly know that all too often I have seen myself in a replay of the movie "Groundhog Day." But if I were really paying attention, I would have noticed that, while subtle, every day does present me with many things that are different, both good and bad. I typically plan my next day as I am preparing for bed the night before. I choose the clothes I will wear and have them laid out ready to put on in the morning. I set the alarm if I know that I have to be up in time for something that I have to do in the morning. Otherwise, I know I can read as late as I want before turning off the light, knowing that it really doesn't matter when I get up. I always check my Weather Bug app on my phone so I can also plan things other than wardrobe, for example. Will it rain or not and will it be warm and, lately, pollen free enough to take a good long walk in the neighborhood. I always know that every day I will write and post a blog and I will study French on Duolingo for at least an hour. But even knowing and planning for all of these things, my day may not turn out as planned. Even in the midst of the "Groundhog Day" version of life created by a virus, I discovered that each day was actually quite different in even the smallest ways. Two days ago our lovely spring weather of lovely warm days and almost equally nice nights, was shifted by a cold front that brought yet again the threat of heavy frosts and freezing temperatures. I am not a morning person and frequently miss seeing the dawn's early light, but I did notice it that morning. I had not slept well that night, and as the sky began to show the beginning of a new day, I noticed just a bit of orange in the sky from my bedroom window as I tried to fall asleep and get a few more winks in before having to get up. There was something about those colors that made me get up out of bed and look more closely at the day that was beginning after a frosty night. I had to look closely. There it was, steam coming off the pond below my house because the water in the pond was warmer than the outside air. It was a little thing when you add up all the parts of a day. But it was something that is only there some few days of the year. And, for that one morning, it made that day different for me. I am not a huge fan of having to deal with the unexpected in my day, but I have to admit that there can be gifts we don't often recognize in allowing ourselves to see those things that are, not only different, but also enriching. They can make even our worst, or even all too the same days, better. We just have to take the time and make the effort to notice them.

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