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Dream Effects

This is really why I love making ICM images. I really do find abstracts fun and interesting, as I shared with you yesterday. But there is something about the dreamy, soft effect of this form of ICMs that really grabs me. When you capture one that really works, as this one did for me, it is a special moment. These captures are really so hard to accomplish. When I walked up to the top of the Bluffs on Monday, I already knew what look I wanted to achieve. But would I be able to capture it? I am a terrible dancer. I honestly believe I have more than two left feet. Being able to get one of these ICM shots requires something akin to dance moves, full body ones at that. As with dance, much of what makes such a shot successful is about timing and movement. Of course, you better have your shutter speed and aperture setting correct, too. But even if you have those, if you don't move just right, it doesn't matter what your camera settings are. You will get junk. I think that that is why I am now feeling challenged to really become a competent ICM photographer. I love the challenge. And I also love the results when they are either what I hoped for in my head they would be initially or when they surprise me and are better than I could have imagined. There is something about ICM images that draws me into my soul and brings me peace.

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