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Christmas Yard Fashions

One thing that I have enjoyed this past week is having a different neighborhood in which to walk. It's especially fun given the transition right now between harvest and holiday decor. Some people do token decorating while others almost seem to get carried away with lights and decor of all kinds. This year, at least in the neighborhoods near my son's house, snowmen seem to be extremely popular. I only saw one Santa in my stroll last evening. Icicle lights seem to be more popular so far than those moving lights that are projected on the front of a house that were particularly popular a few years ago. Lots of people have put up their Christmas trees, and it would appear that colored lights on them are running a bit ahead of white ones. Since the late 1950's the popularity of decorating with lights both inside and out have increased. There are many cities that have tours during the holidays where you can drive around particular parks and neighborhoods to view the lights. In fact, if you look up "Tacky Lights Tour" you will find a listing of locations by state for these tours. They were particularly popular in the area in and around Richmond, Virginia, where I used to live, and I was pleased to see that there will still be a tour in 2020. But I don't think we need a formalized tour to enjoy the yard decor that others have taken the time to set up in order to spread cheer. I rather imagine that most neighborhoods will have one of two homes at least worthy of a pass by. Such excursions can be a safe and healthy way to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. And, if any of you have or are planning to have holiday yard decorations, good for you. Are they snowmen, reindeer, Santa, a mixture, or just a lot of pretty lights? I am sure they will be appreciated.

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