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Christmas 2020 Redux

Here is one more backward look at 2020 and Christmas especially. Last summer I introduced my older granddaughter to light painting. We had so much fun doing it that I bought an LED glow stick with 15 different colors especially for light painting. We headed out at dusk with camera gear and the new stick and were almost at the site we were planning to "paint" when we heard a spine tingling scream which stopped us in our tracks and then had us turning for the safety of home. I later figured out that it was likely a fox that we had heard and we probably could have continued on our evening light painting mission. The next day Gabi had to head home, and I promised that if I came to spend Christmas with them, I would bring all my camera equipment and the glow stick. And I did. Gabi was really excited and we planned to try our hand using the new stick on Christmas Eve. But it rained all day and into the early evening. What to do? Well, how about light painting inside? Obviously, doing it inside comes with some major limitations of lighting things like walls and furniture that we didn't really want in the process. But, thanks to post processing, I was able to get a couple of fun shots anyway. This is probably my favorite, although my son created a pretty cool light painted outline of his daughter, too. His birthday is in early February, and I plan to return to North Carolina especially for that. But we have hopes that we can get outside one evening to light paint the woods and house and maybe, because there is little light pollution around his house, to get some star shots as well. It's so nice to have things to look forward to already.

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