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  • Betty Girardeau

Childhood Dreams

It's funny how sometimes just the most mundane things can bring back a long lost memory. The other day when returning from a walk and seeing my front door did just that. My Mother loved to play bridge and for most of her life was in several bridge groups. After moving from Connecticut to Ilion, New York in the late 1940's it did not take her long to find a group of ladies with whom to play in the afternoons once a month. I was not in school yet and she would often take me with her. I don't remember too much about how I spent my time while she played cards. But I also don't remember being especially bored or unhappy about being dragged along and having to entertain myself while she and her friends were busy playing their game. One such afternoon I remember vividly because the hostess that afternoon had a door like the one I have now. I had never before seen a door that had little windows surrounding it and I enjoyed looking through as many of them as I could reach. I think I spent a good deal of time playing in the spacious front hall and periodically going back and looking out those little windows. On the way home in the car I especially remember thinking that someday I wanted to have a house with a front door like that, too. And it was forty-eight years before I did. Isn't it funny what takes our fancy as little children? The memory of that afternoon and the door that took my fancy is a happy one, made happier because, while it wasn't an especially major childish dream, it did come true.

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