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Calgon, Take Me Away!

It has been a lot years since I have had to do any kind of job training. And in those days there was practically nothing digital about it. In fact, I don't think I even owned a cell phone at the time. And I certainly wasn't working for the government! Do they really have to use acronyms for everything!! After a day of this my brain and body feel a bit like this picture. It doesn't help that we need to finish the training quickly so we can get out in the field and actually do our job before everything shuts down, either in days or weeks depending on the California court case. The majority of what I have to do now and when in the field will be done digitally, too, so that adds another crazy layer and a thousand things to remember to do and to do correctly. At least my training today and tomorrow can be done at home. And, thankfully, there is lots of easily accessed support. This is good because I needed it just to get into some of the on-line training. So far, so good, I guess. At least I know that the first two timesheets I have submitted were done right and were accepted. There were also a couple of short electricity blips this morning, which caused my washing machine to stop before finishing. I did not realize that had happened until I went to put things in the dryer, after nearly forgetting that I was trying to wash clothes at all. I had to restart the washer and run a short cycle. Now things are in the dryer and the day is beginning to smooth out a bit. But I am already looking forward to a relaxing evening!

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