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Becoming. What an interesting word with so many possible meanings because it is both an adjective and a verb. I think this image is a wonderful example of both possibilities. My initial idea for this blog's title was the verb. This bud is actually on the verge of becoming a very "becoming" flower. And I, hopefully, am learning how to become a better flower art photographer. Today I had the chance to spend time just enjoying what I love to do on a day that was sunny and warm, actually hot if you were directly in the sun. And I was. As I headed home after the photo shoot, I realized how hot and sweaty I really was. But I never noticed any of that while I was trying to find the exact ways and means to get the kind of images I wanted of these lovely blue flowers before the mowers come soon and take them down. Maybe that is part of "becoming" a good photographer, too. Earlier this afternoon I spent time viewing more of the Dirk Erken video tutorials on Flower Art Photography before heading out to try my hand at some of what I was learning to do. Dirk talks about how, even if you take a look on the camera, you really don't know what possibilities you have captured with a given flower image until you can get back to you computer and really look at it where the details you hoped and wanted to get will either show up or not. There is a certain look that I am wanting to learn how to get with my flower images. I know I tend to particularly love dreamy effects, which is why Dirk's course attracted me. I haven't gone through all the images that I took this afternoon. But this one stopped me immediately on review. With a bit of post processing it is exactly the look. Being able to see myself "becoming" the sort of photographer that can create work similar to what I have admired in other's work is a real thrill. As an adjective, I can describe what I think of this image. To me it is lovely, fetching, and tasteful, in other words, "becoming."

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