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Because You Said You Like These

Last spring shortly after we all were told to shelter in place, I started posting an image a day as a way of cheering everybody up. These posts ultimately became my daily blogs once I had gotten my website up and running. Some of the earliest images I shared were ones created to look like flower bubbles, and many of you really seemed to like them a lot. Since I am still enjoying working with some of my fall hydrangea images, I decided that maybe I should create a flower bubble of one of them. So here it is. This time I decided to do something different with its background, lowering the opacity so that some of the original image would show. I think I really like this effect better than the ones on a plain background. What do you think? I may go back and rework the others so that they are similar if you agree (or even if you don't). Sometimes images are not really finished when you think they are. A new idea or perspective is suggested and you go back to work. I got a lot of that kind of feedback when I was working with my mentor, and I kind of miss it. I have a friend who is an exceptional painter who often asks others their opinions of her work. I have several times seen her go back and rework a painting using some of their suggestions, discovering that those edits were exactly what was needed and the reasons why she had only partially been happy with the piece. I can't imagine how much work that must take. And how much guts, too. Reworking a painting has the potential of being destructive. There was a time that was true with photography to a degree, too. Thankfully these days I can do all sorts of things to an image and never destruct the original. I just have to remember where I put it

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