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At This Point, It Is Just A thought

A little over a year ago I started this daily blog with the thought that all of us needed a daily time out to have a bit of conversation and sharing with each other. Now life it beginning to return to normal, and it is obvious that my readers have more things to do each day than to check out what my daily image and musings may be. For that reason, I think I am going to cut back on my blog posts to no less than one a week. It could be more occasionally as something comes up, either as an image or a thought/memory comes to mind. I have loved creating these daily conversations and image shares with those of you who care to take the time to read and, sometimes, comment. Living alone, it has given me an opportunity to feel, and even believe that there is a larger world out there with whom I can connect and feel less by myself than with only two cats with whom to converse. But no one likes to talk to an empty room. I feel that this is what this is becoming when on a daily basis. I have no plans for a given day to post a blog on a new schedule. Maybe you will just have to be surprised. More likely there will be no actual schedule other than no less than once a week. It will likely be because I have something I really want or need to share. So for now, you will just have to wait and be surprised when I say that I have posted another blog. I am glad that we all are likely getting out and about and enjoying life more fully again. Oh, and about this image. It is another one from my "daisy shoot" over the week-end that I then manipulated in my favorite creative app iColorama.

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