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  • Betty Girardeau

Another Way Of Looking At Things

Creative people are probably never bored. At least I'm not. Thanks to digital photography there is so much more that you can do with images. I have come to really enjoy all kinds of post processing. Filters, textures, blending modes, presets, layering, composites, and dozens of fun apps make me ask myself "What would happen to this image if I try this?" Usually the results are less than thrilling, but every once in a while I get a totally unexpected result that really excites me. Since starting to write these daily blogs as part of sharing "happy pictures" with my friends during these more confined days, I have typically planned a day ahead what picture I would use for the next day. Having weekly themes has helped a lot to do this. This week's is images are ones created using the Circular app. I was introduced to this app because of a photo contest for tiny world images. And up to now, all of my creations using it have been ones like I have shared the last couple of days. I did have a similar one planned for today, but I wasn't particularly taken with it. There aren't too many images that lend themselves to creating interesting tiny planets without becoming repetitive and boring. This morning as I was starting to put this blog together I thought there must be something more that I can do with images using this app. I tried a couple of other flower images before hitting on this one. I really am happy with the look that I was able to get using more of the features of this app. I'm glad that I decided to try something different. It's made me think of some other possibilities to try at some point. And I am really glad to find that this app is more than a "one trick pony." Have a great day, everyone.

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