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Another View

Yesterday was one of those wonderful, sunny spring days that you just want to clone. Earlier in the day I had been reviewing some uTube videos about creating abstract images using Intentional Camera Movement. I was really intrigued by the work of John Dexter and Andy Graham especially whose ICM's are a combination of dreamy and just plain abstract. Dexter does most of his in-camera with very little post processing, while Graham likes to create his final images using several different aspects of post processing including layers and various filters. So yesterday afternoon I thought I would incorporate some camera work into my afternoon walk. As Dexter said many times during his videos, trying to create ICMs that you like means you take a lot of images and come up with only a few possibly good ones. This is so true. I probably deleted more than half of the 84 images that I took when I brought them into the computer after my walk. But I did have some that I particularly liked and which are different from ICMs I have created in the past. I didn't have time last night to really work on those, but I did take two images and layered them together as Andy Graham does and quickly came up with the image above. I say quickly, but I did work on this one image for a little better than an hour before deciding I liked it well enough to save it. The finished image reminds me of the view I have from my bedroom window in the predawn hours during the winter and very early spring. I hope I can carve out some time today or later this week to tweak some that were more reminiscent of John Dexter's style. I also hope to have more time to get out with my camera(s) and practice taking them. Learning the physical methods and camera settings that work together to create really good ICMs takes some work. I haven't tried doing this in several years, but I think this is an area I would like to spend some quality time trying to master.

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