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  • Betty Girardeau

Another March Concept

Yesterday I created another flower bubble image to share with you all. I realized that I had never created one using daffodils. So out I went with my iPhone to try capture a couple of daffodil images so I could create a daffodil flower bubble. And I did. But it was one of those afternoons when I had done all the things I really had to do and I could allow myself a little play time. Since I was already working with the iColorama app, I got to wondering what would happen if I layered two of my daffodil images? Well, as usual, especially with this app that makes it so easy to experiment, one thing led to another and eventually I ended up with this strangely abstract image. It immediately made me think of early daffodils, blowing winds, a bit of gray sky mixed with blue, and some of the leftover

browns of fall and winter. I am sure it would not appeal to everyone. And, actually, if I did not know anything about the original images or the process that brought this final one about, I am not sure it would immediately speak to me either. But that is the interesting thing about the creative process. I have several friends who are consummate paint brush artists and I could never, ever be on their level. However, I expect they do understand what I mean about "creative process." We start out with an idea, which then leads us to another one, and we keep saying to ourselves, "What if I try this or that?" Sometimes, in fact more often than not, we end up with junk. The painter can cover up mistakes with more paint and hide what he/she thought of as bad, using that old canvas for something new. I can go back to the original or different images and try again with a totally "clean slate." In both cases there is a lot of experimentation. We may have an idea of what we think we want to create, and different colors, brush strokes, in my case, digital manipulations of one sort of another, can lead us in directions we had not originally had in mind at all. Such is what happened with today's image. I am sharing below the original two images from which this one was derived. There is little in either that would have ever made me end up where I did. But I am both surprised and a bit happy with the final result.

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