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Another Look

I thought today I would give you another look at some of what I saw while at Old Car City in the fall of 2016. How many of you recognize this make of car? Hudsons were manufactured from 1909 until 1957, the last three years as a car model in the group of American Motors vehicles. I don't know exactly what model year this one would have been, probably sometime in the early fifties, though, since it exhibits a lot of the features of cars at that time: lots of chrome, much of it giving the car a sense of rockets and speed, the unique hood ornament and the distinctive front name plate. While definitely rusting, the chrome is actually in pretty good condition. This shot was taken fairly early in the morning, judging by the position of the sun. The movement effect was achieved by a camera technique called "zoom burst," where you literally move the lens (zoom it) in or out while the shutter is still open. Successful shots are usually fairly long exposures, maybe as long as three to four seconds. It's a fantastic technique and seemed to really lend itself to pictures of cars. I took several zoom burst shots while at Old Car City.

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