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And Finally

I may have run out of different pictures of flowering trees for awhile. But this one, though the last for now, is not the least. I adore lilacs, especially if they are one of the older varieties with a heavenly aroma. Growing up they were usually in bloom right around the time of my May birthday. We had several bushes on the side of our driveway and there was a huge bush, tree actually, in front of the old Remington stables just down the street. My mother had a green glass vase that was the perfect size for a bunch of cut lilacs. As soon as I could find some in bloom, about at the same stage as the ones in the picture above, I would go collect a bunch to bring home and put in that vase. Last summer when I went to Canada to visit one of the first outings we had was to a lilac garden. That is where I got this picture. There were lilacs of every color and type. I was in heaven. The white ones often have the sweetest smell, but I love the lavender ones the best. Unlike many spring flowering species, lilacs are not found widely in the wild. They are most likely to be found in the vicinity of past or present human habitation. Surprisingly, they are also in the the olive family. One of my Facebook friends shared today that you can make delicious and refreshing lemonade with lilacs, too. I wish I had a lilac bush because I would certainly try to make some. It's hard to beat a plant like this that is a feast for the eyes, nose, and palate as well.

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