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  • Betty Girardeau

Almost Missed

Because my house faces north/south I don't get easy views of sunrises and sunsets. I have to leave the house for those. Early yesterday evening I was looking out the office window and noticed that the sky behind the almost leafless tree in my neighbor's yard as an interesting combination of pinks and blues. I thought that a silhouette of those branches against that colored sky could be pretty interesting. And it was. But when I turned around after taking that shot, I noticed that the western sky was quite literally aflame. I almost missed seeing this. Life is funny that way. Sometimes that happens because we are so focused on something that we miss other things. I think one of the side bonuses of having a photography passion is that we tend to pay more attention to what is around us hoping to see something different and worthy of an image. We tend to think of our surroundings as ever changing photo ops. These days, thanks to smart phone cameras, we seldom have to lament that we wished we had our cameras. So I say, thank goodness for eyes ever seeking another good image and to having a camera of some sort readily at hand. I will still miss a lot of things, but fewer than I used to.

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