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After Dark At Christmas #1

While, because the days and nights have become chilly and even rather windy, I have mainly been taking my daily walks in the afternoon before dark. But I love seeing Christmas lights adorning people's houses and yards, even though I will never go to some of the extremes some are willing to do with outdoor Christmas lights. On one of my first after dark walks about a week ago I noticed this display tucked away at the end of one of my neighbor's entranceway. I might not have noticed it at all except that a couple of years ago I toyed with the idea of buying an espaliered pear to go between the two windows on one side of the garage at my house. It cost $400, and that did not include the cost of getting it planted. So I ditched that idea. But I have enjoyed watching the development of my neighbor's. And this year they decided to add Christmas lights to it. I really wanted a picture of that. But as I go closer, I noticed that they had added something else. I don't think I have ever seen a lovelier nativity scene displayed. It is so unpretentious. A babe in a manger set on hard paving stones, on which the mother is kneeling ready to tend her newborn. The tiny sheep is looking up expectantly, but with no concern for his/her safety. "All is well" this little sheep is saying. As I look at the Joseph figure I believe he must me thinking, "Oh, wow! What am I going to do now?" I don't know how many others in my community have seen this wonderful scene. Like the nativity itself, it is so unexpected, but carries so much hidden and wondrous meaning.

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